Finance 0% for 1 Year

0% Interest for 1 Year APPLY NOW (financing is done by The Manhattan Flute Emporium).

If you apply before you begin your instrument search, just enter what you think you need. We can easily change the amount and terms as many times as you need until you decide what flute/piccolo you want.

How we take care of you extends to helping you pay for your new flute and piccolo. We literally searched for years and finally found a really great company to handle financing!

We kept it in the music family by choosing Allegro credit — they’ve been financing instruments for over 50 years and in the music industry for over 144 years.

Even better, there is no early pay-off fee and the rates are extremely reasonable.

0% Interest for 1 year

If you’re not sure you can pay the full amount in 1 year, then it’s better to finance at a low interest rate with more time:

12 – 24 months 12.25%
36-60 months 13.75%
72-84 months 15.50%