Flute and Piccolo Repairs

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If you don’t know the industry, then it can be very scary choosing who to service your flute or piccolo. Your search and fears end here.

When it comes to padding and fixing flutes, you either possess the “gift” or you don’t. Our company has been extremely blessed because all our techs have the gift — they were born with it. Hands down, we have some of the most skilled and meticulous technicians in the industry.

Repair Price List:

Full Servicing – Clean, Oil and Adjust (COA)
We recommend a full servicing a.ka. clean, oil and adjust (COA) every 12 months. With this service, we change the headjoint cork, remove lost motion and leaks, adjust connections, oil joints and steels, fit your headjoint and footjoint (flutes) and hand polish your flute (basic).

Student Flutes and Piccolos $250
Intermediate Flutes and Piccolos $295
Professional Flutes and Piccolos $395

Repad (includes full servicing)

Professional Pads $975
JS Gold Pads $1,325

Complete Overhaul

Professional Pads $1,575
JS Gold Pads $1,925

Flute Headjoint Cork 

Replace Pad

Repairs per Hour

Minimum Bench Fee 

After-Hour Repairs
Evenings and Sundays (when available)
$165 per hour

Contact us if you have any questions.