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Over the last 40+ years, we have enjoyed making countless friends as a result of our mutual passion for the flute. We love being the best “flute matchmakers” around, but we are also extremely grateful for the opportunity to see you graduate, get married, have children and take your career and artistry to the next level.

As a business, we really appreciate all of the positive and loving feedback. We truly believe that we offer the most unique and personalized service in the flute industry. People who refer other clients to us agree, and a majority of our success is based on word-of-mouth.

We really thank you for it, and now we’re paying it forward!

Earn something for yourself with every referral that leads to a flute purchase.

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After 1 Referral, choose one:
1.. Trevor James leather flute case cover
2.. High E facilitator and Sedona flute case cover
3. 20% off COA (clean, oil, adjust)

After 2 Referrals, choose one:
1. COA (Clean, oil and adjust)
2. D# Roller added to your flute
3. Custom embouchure re-cut/sharpening (to liven your headjoint)

After 6 Referrals, choose one:
1. Samperi by Haynes all silver plated flute
2. Sedona all silver plated flute
3. 70% off flute or piccolo overhaul

After 10 Referrals, choose one:
1. Weissman-McKenna Integrity Handmade flute fully loaded with options including engraved keys
2. Samperi by Haynes sterling silver body flute fully loaded with options
3. Sedona Sinagua sterling silver body flute fully loaded with options